Sunday, 16 December 2012

Day Four: Festival Recap

Here's the 3rd edition of the Festival run-down compiled by Thespo team member, Aneesha Srinivasan

Friday 14th December, 2012:

10am-5pm: Michael Chekhov Acting Technique workshop by Oorvazi Irani: (Part1) 
This was one long workshop. And it was worth it. Intensive, informative and exciting- this one was for all the actors. The participants were introduced to the foundation of the Michael Chekhov school of acting, and inducted into a series of preliminary activities and exploration exercises to lead them to a better understanding of the technique. There were discussions, clips of Chekhov’s speeches, and games. And at the end, everybody had unwittingly grasped part of a brand-new acting method.

6pm: Tejas Menon:
He spoke, he sang, he played guitar, accompanied by captivating drum-beats. He made the audience laugh, he made them sway, he made them listen hard to his lyrics, and smile to themselves. He created the perfect music for a calm evening at the Prithvi Theatre.

7pm: A Good Play:
Another full house. Another enthusiastic audience. A mélange of ideas, the play fostered thought and discussion for a long while after it was over. Toying with the fourth wall, and culminating in a unique personification of the audience, A Good Play took artistic freedom to a whole new level.

8pm: Proud To Be Indian: 
A performance that was energetic unlike any other. Simultaneously, the group highlighted a number of issues relating to the hypocrisy and futility of directionless nationalism. Thespo’s second play from Bangalore, and the standard remained high!

9pm: Apradhi Sugandh: 
The expectations were pinned on this Natak Company venture. Were they met? Of course. Witty, relevant, and layered in metaphor, this play brought the audiences to the edge of their seats. The first Pune play- a city that brings great expectations too- and it didn’t disappoint. Far from it.

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